The Wheel takes the time to promote your  business in a way that is beneficial for your specific field.  We offer many packages to help you reach your goals and increase your revenue.

Web Design

In today's world, web design and development is the most important aspect of any successful business. It is the main source of communication with potential clients and helps sell a product and/or service. Generating leads by increasing the reach of your website and the popularity of your brand is the main objective for creating or developing an existing web page.

Branding & Logos

Have you made your "mark" in your industry? A brand and logo helps convey your personality in a split second. This will make a significant impact on your company's public perception, and is by far the most important investment an owner can make for their business. 

Social Media

Social media marketing is a great way to gain web traffic and drive user engagement for your business. We can teach you how to get your clients working for you. Although some business owners think posts and likes will gain the attraction you need, there are many hidden strategies to increase your business revenue.


Inform, Persuade and Remind are three objectives of advertising for your business. This helps create awareness of your brand, your products, services and ideas. This is a great way to introduce yourself to potential clients, and educate people on the products and services you are offering.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do you have a website that has little to no activity? Unlike the Field of Dreams, you can't just "build it and they will come." SEO helps increase the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website. If you type your industry & city in a Google search, and your name doesn't pop up, it's because your business is lacking in the SEO field.

Lead Generation

Offering a product and/or service is great, but how do you find those strangers (potential clients) that are interested in your specific product or services?We create strategies that bring those people knocking on your door. 

Sales Development Strategies

Do you need a process? A process and sales development strategy help identify and prospect new customers and then close them. Our team can create a customized strategy that walks you through a successful road map to increase and grow your revenue.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

After you initiate contact with a customer, what is the next step? A CRM is a strategic approach to managing your interactions with current and potential customers. This helps build your relationships, and focuses on the retention of your current customers. It is the key to your sales growth within your organization.

Promotions & Flyers

Promotions and flyers are personal and useful tools to communicate with your current and potential customers. This is a way for your future customers to touch and feel something before they purchase goods or services that are offered. It's also a low cost, low effort way to touch all of your customers at once.

Apparel & Branding Materials

You have a brand, you have a message, and you've built a target audience. Building the brand and continuing your identity reinforces the existing reputation you have built for yourself. Apparel and branded items are also an effective way to gain another source of income. Small cost but big margins are key to increasing your worth.

Fundraising & Events

Many owners don't realize that you constantly have to be fundraising for your company. Creating multiple sources of income by creating events is a great way to keep your customers engaged in your company. 

Non-Profit Organizations

Marketing is a great tactic and strategy to amplify an organization's cause and/or mission, gain donations and attract volunteers and supporters.

Wedding Websites

A one stop shop for all of your wedding needs. This is a great way to collect RSVP's, communicate with your guest list, give updates and complete your registry. A wedding site can also be used to create an online gallery of all of your memories. 

Landing Pages

An easy and effective way to capture leads from a simple one page "capture page". This is used to collect information from prospective customers that can then be used for future marketing needs.